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at first: I am pretty new to deeper .NET and all its wonderful magic. So am I to supporting tools and mechanisms. Anyways: here's my question:

Are there any tools to find NullReferenceExceptions (or exceptions in general) in C# code? I know that there is Microsoft Code Contracts (or the possibility to find exceptions by using TDD or a bunch of test engineers) - but what I am looking for is something less "put it in your code and compile to get what you want" and more "click here, then here, tick that true, and wait a couple of hours until you get your result as an HTML" (like dotCover or unit tests, for example).

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I guess the best way to 'Sherlock' fore NullRef exceptions is common sense. If you receive a parameter, you should check it for null before doing something dangerous with it. You should wrap global fields in properties that are vulnerable to this sort of error. And with local variables the compiler even lends a hand, and complains if you use uninitialized fields (especially helpfull with branching). But I guess you want to have a Test Suite for an entire project. Something like regressie.sourceforge.net parhaps? –  MrPaulch Feb 26 at 12:24

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