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I have Visual Studio 2012 installed on my development machine (DEV), and there is an SQL Server 2008 R2 database which is hosted on another server (DATASERVER). Now, I have installed SSRS on DATASERVER.

Now, I want to design SSRS reports from my DEV machine. Any idea of which tool I should install on my DEV machine for this? I know there was BIDS for Visual Studio 2008, not sure how can I do for Visual Studio 2012.

Any help on this much appreciated.


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If you have Visual Studio 2012 installed you can get Data Tools from this link:

Then you can open "Data tools for Visual Studio 2012" and create your project from there.

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Business studio development studio was in sql server 2008 and also in sql server 2012 you can use Data Tools. It is a part of visual studio that has reporting service,analysis service, and integration service parts.

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