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Hopefully this isn't a duplicate, but does anyone know of any (good) ORMs that work with SQL Compact Edition, and can run in the .NET Compact Framework (e.g. Windows Mobile 5->6.x)?

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I would consider writing your own data access layer and using SqlCeDataReader or SqlCeResultSet. A bit more work, but most mobile apps are simple enough for it not to be too time consuming. – Christopher Edwards Apr 22 '10 at 19:36

LLBlGenPro does, it's suppoosed to be good, have never tested myself.

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I am not shoe that LINQ is the full feature ORR, but have you tried SqlMetal.exe Compact.sdf /dbml:Compact.dbml /namespace:Compact /serialization:Unidirectional /pluralize?

P.S. LINQ is supported in the .NET Compact Framework version 3.5 and later.

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