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I have a parcelable class with a generic type object. Usually I would read out that object like this:


Apparently I can't do that with a generic type variable.. see code below. Can anyone point me into the right direction?

public class ParcelableOverlayItem<T extends Parcelable> extends OverlayItem implements Parcelable {

  private T parcelableTypeObject;

  protected ParcelableOverlayItem(Parcel in) {
    this(in.readParcelable(T.class.getClassLoader())); // this is not working: "Cannot select from a type variable"

  public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags) {
    dest.writeParcelable(parcelableTypeObject, flags);

  public ParcelableOverlayItem(T parcelableTypeObject) {
    this.parcelableTypeObject = parcelableTypeObject;

  public T getParcelableTypeObject() {
    return parcelableTypeObject;

  // ...
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Should be ParcelableOverlayItem<T extends Parcelable> –  Doctoror Drive Feb 26 at 12:49
I actually already corrected that, thanks anyway appreciate it! –  Blacklight Feb 26 at 12:53

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Try to use like this..its worked for me..

Parcelable[] parcelables= in.readParcelable(Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader());
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I will try, but are you sure this is clean and robust? I would have to cast to T.. What context would be taken? –  Blacklight Feb 26 at 13:13

You can get the ClassLoader from generic type T like this

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Unfortunately no, IDEA tells me Cannot reference 'ParcelableOverlayItem.parcelableTypeObject' before supertype constructor has been called –  Blacklight Feb 26 at 12:52
@Blacklight is your OverlayItem class has has parameterized constructor? if yes, you need to call super class Constrcutor in ParcelableOverlayItem like super(parameter)... –  Gopal Gopi Feb 26 at 12:58
Yes it does and I am calling super with parameters, I just simplified my example, it wouldn't make a difference. This is the super-class: goo.gl/lBJwi9 –  Blacklight Feb 26 at 13:00

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