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The JQuery-JTable plugin has some issues with IE7. As the author has already stated on this thread, there's not much support for IE7.

Therefore, I have this problem:

When I have, for example, a description field (usually a textarea), in IE7 it will stretch the div, making the JTable look enourmous. Like this:

In IE7

In every other browser (tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE 8-9), it doesn't happen:

other browsers

This is the JTable fields binding:

fields: {
                code: {
                    title: 'CND',
                    key: true,
                    create: false,
                    edit: false,
                    list: false
                company: {
                    title: 'company',
                    list: true,
                    create: true,
                    edit: true
                cert: {
                    title: 'cert',
                    edit: true,
                    create: true
                emission: {
                    title: 'emission'                    
                descriptions: {
                    title: 'descriptions',
                    type: 'textarea',
                    edit: true,
                    list: true,
                    create: true,
                    maxWidth: '100px',
                    showHint: true

Has anyone ever been through this kind of a problem? I guess I can just tell the user to use Firefox or Chrome, but I want to give this a shot first.

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