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I have implement the file upload functionality with reference of this link http://www.slideshare.net/mongodb/mongo-db-bangalore-2012-15070802

But the file is not stored into the Gridfs.

I had done some research for the same and also with reefrence of this blog post http://php-and-symfony.matthiasnoback.nl/2012/10/uploading-files-to-mongodb-gridfs-2/

But again unfortunately i stuck with this issue since last from 15 days

please help.

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Please take a look at KnpLabs/Gaufrette and the related KnpLabs/KnpGaufretteBundle

The Gaufrette bundle provides a level of abstraction around file systems and, it helped me get file-oriented operations up and running quickly. I found it very useful, and in fact the Symfony CMS package leverages this bundle. It may help you out as well.

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