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strange horizontal v-sync issues (flicker) appear when dragging/sliding/scrolling content in the browser window. On all of the windows machines I tested personally, the issue is apparent (~8 with differnt SW/HW combinations). It doesn't matter what the webcode is, it can be a transition, a simple box you scroll left-to right etc (e.g., it happens on all slider-galleries I know). It is most obvious when contrast to background is high, and when the screen area and movement distance is wide.. I think it must be some issue with the browser communication with windows or it's graphics drivers, when throwing out the frames. coding style (like using requestAnimationFrames etc) won't change a thing, also if the website is locally on my HDD won't change it..

This does NOT happen on MAcOS, or on Android or iOS (though, I can see quality differences between the platforms and also it's browsers, e.g. when testing css transitions)

I made a video capture (via my mobile cam, as direct screencast won't work wit v-sync capturing)


I checked on WinXP and Win7, on different machines, some with graphics card, and some with intel onboard chipset. Strangely, on some machines, like Laptop HP Compaq 8710w , Win7, it seems not to appear. Also strange that this issue has not been discussed anywhere here. I'm seeing trouble in having a neat image sliding gallery, with running away visitors ;)

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