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I'm writing a web project application for a client. the newest version of .net available on their internal web server is 4.0. all of their intranet sites use MVC, Razor, and c# in the web project format. On the development server they setup to host this project, I can post web SITES but not projects. more accurately, websites display with no fuss, web PROJECTs always give a 403 error and try to download a 120 byte file named the same as the servers port assignment, and the routing doesn't seem to work at all on PROJECTS.

What would be the difference between how IIS 7.5 handles sites vs projects that's causing such anomalous behavior?

I'm using VS2012 pro, starting with a .net4.5 version of the site or project, changing the target to 4.0 and fixing any nuget conflicts, but that's the only changes i make. site runs in IIS express, as well, project behaves the same.

It's gotta be something stupid I'm just not aware of, any help would be awesome! thanks!

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