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We're using the YouTube IFrame API to embed a headless YouTube player on our site. We would like to display only HTML5-ready content, so that we do not have to worry about the Flash fallback cases.

Through another post, I learned that we can use the html5=1 hint to disallow Flash fallback. However, my question is, what percentage of YouTube content will be unavailable to our users if we force HTML5-only mode?

Other ways to ask the same question are:

  • what percentage of all YouTube content is H.264-encoded?, or
  • what percentage of all YouTube content can be viewed natively in browsers using an HTML5 <video> tag and H.264 codec?

A couple points of clarification:

  1. I know from this YouTube blog post that "99% of views on the site or nearly 30% of all videos" have been transcoded to the WebM format as of 2011. It's also clear that Google is placing its bet on WebM over its H.264 competitor. However, WebM is not supported natively on many browsers.

  2. I'm interested in statistics not just for new videos being uploaded to YouTube, but in all past & current YouTube content.

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