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I feel like I'm missing something completely simple. Please help! My first time using this part of jQuery....

Here is my code. How can I loop through each element returned by do_it?

function do_it(a){
  return $.getJSON('url', {mode: 'get_array', id: a}); // returns JSON object

$.when.apply(do_it[1,2,3]).then (function(data){
  // how to get each element returned by do_it() here?
}, function () {console.log('Failed');<br>});
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Sorry,my typo. That's what I have in my code....Fixed. –  user135650 Feb 26 at 14:10
What does the JSON look like? –  Andy Feb 26 at 14:14
There are many strange things going on here. Could you please provide a detailed description in plain English of exactly what it is you’re trying to do? –  Jezen Thomas Feb 26 at 14:15
do_it[1,2,3], shouldn't this be do_it([1,2,3]) ? –  Ford Feb 26 at 14:19
{"ID":1,"L_Name":"Jones","F_Name":"Jan","Email":"jjones@email.com","Telephone_No‌​":"xxx.xxx.xxxx","Institution":"IT","Department":"3","Notes":"","Secretary":0}{"I‌​D":3,"L_Name":"Smith","F_Name":"Christopher","Email":"email@gmail.com","Telephone‌​_No":"","Institution":"IT","Department":"18","Notes":"","Secretary":0}{"ID":4,"L_‌​Name":"White","F_Name":"Amanda","Email":"white@email.com","Telephone_No":"","Inst‌​itution":"UT","Department":"25","Notes":"","Secretary":0} –  user135650 Feb 26 at 14:19

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In this example I've fixed any errors in the data and used a deferred object to copy the functionality of your program.


data is an array containing a number of objects. The code loops through the array objects and picks out values from each to add to a table. Note that I tend to use array.join() instead of string concatenation to build up HTML - YMMV.

$.when(do_it()).then(function (data) {
    var html = [];
    for (var i = 0, l = data.length; i < l; i++) {
      var row = [];
      row.push('<td>' + data[i].ID + '</td>');
      row.push('<td>' + data[i].L_Name + '</td>');
      row.push('<td>' + data[i].F_Name + '</td>');
      row.push('<td>' + data[i].Email + '</td>');
      row.push('<td>' + data[i].Department + '</td>');

I hope it's of some use to you.

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Tried this: data[i].L_Name comes up undefined, as does data[i]. –  user135650 Feb 26 at 17:01
L_Name was one of the things I had to fix in the JSON you posted. It might have something to do with that underscore. Are you getting any data back at all? –  Andy Feb 26 at 17:12
I'm getting the JSON object listed (with some typos apparently) in the first response. If I send only one array element and get back a simple JSON object I can parse that, but when I send an array and get back a complex JSON object data comes up undefined no matter how I've tried -- and I've tried! -- to parse it...gaaah –  user135650 Feb 26 at 17:23
So if you do do_it(1) you're getting something you can parse back, but you do do_it([1,2,3]) you don't? –  Andy Feb 26 at 18:01
Andy-- As it turns out my json was ill-formed. It turns out I'd been looking at an old version of the program and as soon as I looked at the current version I saw what was wrong and fixed it. Gaah! Thanks for your efforts. --Nat –  user135650 Feb 26 at 20:23

$.getJSON returns a promise object: http://api.jquery.com/jquery.getjson/
With that, you can attach done, fail and always functions to run respectively. Using that, you can then format your code as.

function do_it (id) {
    return $.getJSON(url, {
        mode: 'get_array',
        id: id

do_it([1, 2, 3]).done(function (data) {
    for (var key in data) {
        console.log(key, " = ", data[key]);
}).fail(function () {

I'm not sure what you intended to pass to do_it if it was the array or each id separately, if the latter, you can do:

$.each([1, 2, 3], function (id) {
   do_it(id) // same stuff as above

Edit: Based on your comments, here is a suggestion, albeit not the best performing suggestion.

var data = [];

$.when.apply($.map([1,2,3], function (id) {
    return do_it(id).done(function (d) {
}).done(function () {
    for (var d in data) {
}).fail(function() {
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The problem is, in spite of getting a getJSON return, nothing is appearing in "data", so this fails. I'm sending an array to a php program and getting a JSON response. Data shows up when there's one element in the array (and a single JSON object), but not when I get a complex JSON object back after sending a multi-element array... –  user135650 Feb 26 at 17:16
Do you have a live demo of this where individuals can see? What qualifies to you as a complex JSON object. Are you sure that id is supposed to be an array and not just one id (e.g. the one array element). It sounds like that's the case. –  Ford Feb 26 at 17:35
Sorry about my terminology: what I mean by complex object is an encoded associative array. The php creates an associative array for each id, then json_encodes the whole array and sends it back. When there's only one id there's only one line in the array before it's encoded (and I get to it via data[0]), when there're more lines then I can't get to it. So it looks like I'm going to have to return data differently or find another way at parsing it. –  user135650 Feb 26 at 17:45
You could try $.parseJSON (jQuery.parseJSON), but if it's being returned as in the comments in your post where you have {"ID":....}{"ID":....} not in an error, it's going to throw an error. –  Ford Feb 26 at 17:58
not in square brackets* –  Ford Feb 26 at 22:09

Assuming the returned value is an array:

   $(JSON.parse.(data)).each(function(index, element){
   //do stuff
}, function () {console.log('Failed');<br>}); 


From your comments, lets assume:

var data = '[{"ID":1,"L_Name":"Jones","F_Name":"Jan","Email":"jjones@email.com","Telephone_No‌​":"xxx.xxx.xxxx","Institution":"IT","Department":"3","Notes":"","Secretary":0},{"I‌​D":3,"L_Name":"Smith","F_Name":"Christopher","Email":"email@gmail.com","Telephone‌​_No":"","Institution":"IT","Department":"18","Notes":"","Secretary":0},{"ID":4,"L_‌​Name":"White","F_Name":"Amanda","Email":"white@email.com","Telephone_No":"","Inst‌​itution":"UT","Department":"25","Notes":"","Secretary":0}]';

Notice i added the opening and closing brackets for the array [ ... ] and the commas between elements.

Then to loop through the array you could do:

var json = JSON.parse(data);
    //do stuff
    alert("index: " + index + " element: " + element );
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I think there's an extra dot between "parse" and the open paren. But it doesn't work with the arrayed JSON I'm getting back. –  user135650 Feb 26 at 17:02
I think your response is malformed; in the example you provided the opening and closing brackets were missing, and commas between array elements. –  goten Feb 27 at 11:01

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