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I want to release a php script I've just written, under gpl license. My problem: Jquery and tinymce are both licensed under gpl v2, while another library I need is licensed under gpl v3. So what license should I choose? I mean - I won't make it for commercial purposes - it has to be something everybody can use just like tinymce and jquery...

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IANAL: Are the jQuery and tinymce licences under GPL v2 only, or are they under GPL v2 or any later version. If they're under GPL v2 without the option of a later version, you'll need to do some research. If they include 'or any later version' clause, you're home and dry, I think. If not, you need to study what the FSF says about GPL v2 and v3 compatibility. However, in case of doubt, you need to consult with a lawyer who understands software licensing and Open Source licences. –  Jonathan Leffler Feb 27 '14 at 3:54

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It simply doesn't matter. Pick whichever version of the GPL you like. As you long as you comply with the terms of each licence in making your distribution, you have fully satisfied all your obligations.

Someone who gets your distribution will then be obliged to comply with the terms of GPL2, GPL3 and whichever GPL you choose, but that isn't your problem.

You really can overthink these things. Nobody is going to sue you, and the worst that might happen is someone emails you asking you to fix something you didn't get quite right.

[Not a lawyer, but sometimes they ask my advice. :)]

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I agree, pick whichever version of the GPL you like. You can see each version's requirements here:



Hope it helps.

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