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Creating my first app using the new WPF 4.5 Ribbon control, and the Application drop-down menu is ridiculous looking (see link to screenshot below). It is super-wide, and have a large blank area to the right of the menu items. I tried setting the Width property, but that just changes the width of the drop-down app menu button itself, not the resulting app menu window. Any ideas on how this can be changed? (xaml code below)

Click here for screen shot of default application menu

<Window x:Class="CDTSalesWPF.MainWindow"
        Title="CDT Sales" Height="650" Width="1000" WindowStartupLocation="CenterScreen">
      <RowDefinition Height="Auto" />
      <RowDefinition Height="*" />

    <Ribbon x:Name="Ribbon1" SelectedIndex="0" Grid.Row="0" >

      <!-- Help Pane, located at the right-hand side -->
        <RibbonButton SmallImageSource="Images\help.png" />
      <!-- Quick Access Toolbar - located at the upper-left corner -->
          <RibbonButton x:Name ="btnSave" SmallImageSource="Images\save2.png" ToolTip="Save Changes" />
          <RibbonButton x:Name ="btnCut" SmallImageSource="Images\cut.png" ToolTip="Cut" />
          <RibbonButton x:Name ="btnCopy" SmallImageSource="Images\copy.png" ToolTip="Copy" />
          <RibbonButton x:Name ="btnPaste" SmallImageSource="Images\paste.png" ToolTip="Paste" />
      <!-- Application Menu, located at the left-hand side (down arrow) -->

        <RibbonApplicationMenu KeyTip="F" Name="RibbonAppMenu1">
          <RibbonApplicationMenuItem Header="Options" ImageSource="Images\options.png" />
          <RibbonApplicationMenuItem Header="Print..." ImageSource="Images\Print.png" />
          <RibbonApplicationMenuItem Header="Printer Setup..." ImageSource="Images\PrinterSetup.png" />
          <RibbonApplicationMenuItem Header="Exit" ImageSource="Images\quit.png" />

      <!-- Ribbon Tab #1: Home -->
      <RibbonTab Header="Home" KeyTip="H" >
        <!-- Home  group-->
        <RibbonGroup x:Name="CustomerManagementGroup" Header="Customer Management">
          <RibbonButton LargeImageSource="Images\home.png" Label="Customers" KeyTip="C" />
          <RibbonButton LargeImageSource="Images\activity.png" Label="Activity" KeyTip="A" />
          <RibbonButton LargeImageSource="Images\personal.png" Label="Contacts" KeyTip="P" />
        <RibbonGroup x:Name="RenewalGroup" Header="Subscriptions">
          <RibbonButton LargeImageSource="Images\paste.png" Label="Renewals" KeyTip="R" />
          <RibbonButton LargeImageSource="Images\options.png" Label="Revoke Access" KeyTip="A" />


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This question worked for me: stackoverflow.com/questions/8031008/… –  sergeantKK Oct 31 at 11:56

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