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I've upgraded Neo4J 2.0.1 from the Community Edition to the Enterprise edition on an x64 Windows server. I uninstalled the Community Edition version from Add/Remove programs first, then followed the instructions here:


... to install the service. When I run bin\Neo4jInstaller.bat status it responds with "Running" - and it's up and running in the Windows services snap-in too (where I can stop and start it).

When I browse to localhost:7474/browser (using Chrome), however, none of the responses to any of the commands I am executing, including :help, are being displayed. And the links to the tutorial files don't work, either.

If I head to the localhost:7474/webadmin, however, everything seems fine? So I'm pretty sure Chrome is the problem - something is still sitting on it from when I was connecting to the Community version with it. So I've cleared my cache from Chrome since the upgrade, and removed the variables in local storage using "Inspect Element > Resources" (restarting Chrome each time) - but as yet, no joy, and no snazzy graphs in my browser, either.

One other thing - when I stop and start the service, Chrome does recognise it as "unplugged" and displays a message OK... It just doesn't seem to want to do anything else.

Any ideas?

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Absolutely no urgency from my POV with this, by the way - I'm using Neo4J for my university research, and, while I need to run a service on the server, my preferred MO will be to download copies of the "live" database to my (nicer to use, replete with office software etc) local machine for analysis (using the Community edition) - just tested this with a database that I took from the live server and it works fine, so I'll never actually use the browser on the live one, anyway, I don't think. But it's perhaps useful for others to know about this issue. –  ShakeyDave Feb 26 '14 at 15:14
Can you post some screenshots from the Network tab of your developer console in chrome while loading the page? –  MarcoCI Feb 26 '14 at 16:27
Sure: [link]trovo.co.uk/Images/StackOverflowScreenshots/Neo4JBrowser/… shows the network diagnostic on the initial page load and [link]trovo.co.uk/Images/StackOverflowScreenshots/Neo4JBrowser/… shows it when I sent a simple query (which disappeared in Chrome with no response). –  ShakeyDave Feb 27 '14 at 15:30
I may regret saying there was no urgency if it turns out that the REST api is broken, of course. Hopefully it ain't though. –  ShakeyDave Feb 27 '14 at 15:34
Did you try private mode in chrome? And shift-reload to clear the js caches? –  Michael Hunger Feb 28 '14 at 0:59

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