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I have a problem with Arcanist with the following command arc diff --nounit --nolint --update D1434 --encoding ISO-8859-1 c5b9c50e55aefa013d5a38354a78e91b64f3b195

This command worked fine a few minutes ago before I installed the software sourceTree.

Now arcanist asks if I want to amend my untracked files (like before) which I answer with no. the next step usual was that arcanist askt if i want to add sprcific reviers.

now it just writes the worde "Provide" on the bash and whatever I type, I get the following message bash: line 0: read: `abort:': not a valid identifier Usage Exception: User aborted the workflow.

I already tried to copy the original arcanist files in the installation folder and made a new installation of git, but it didnt help.

Does anyone know the problem?

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the problem was the git config at the following entries


probably sourcetree added the 3rd line. after removing the last "core.autocrlf=input" arcanist ist working again

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I met the same problem. Repeating the same action on Linux, I found that arc was to ask:

Provide explanation for skipping lint or press Enter to abort:

but somehow only


appear on the screen. Don't use --nolint, or type something.

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