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I am looking for a good resource on how to do different selections with multiple models.

I have an Article model and a DailyMetrics model (one article has many metrics) especially since the metrics are daily metrics (i.e. article x on day 1, day 2, day 3, etc...).

Now I want to give users the option to quickly look at the five highest articles according to metric A or B or the 5 lowest or the best and the last.

Metrics are usage metrics here, for example views, entrances, shares, etc... (so the DailyMetrics model has a number of fields for different metrics).

For example in order to display the total views for an article in my view I currently run this:

 <% @articles.each do |article| %>
<td><%= article.daily_metrics.sum(:views) %></td>

All that will get thrown into a googlechart later. This chart should be customizable i.e. a set of drop down menus that will let the user choose to display "Top 5 articles by views" or "Newest 10 Articles", etc.

Can anyone point me to a good resource that has tutorials on that kind of thing?

I can do @articles.first.daily_metrics.sum(:views) but this seems cumbersome and I have the feeling I should either use named scopes for that or the helper .rb file.

Again, any pointing in the right direction would be highly appreciated.

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Can you give a bit more info about your schema? What would "Metric A" or "Metric B" refer to, ie what, conceptually, is a "metric" here? Does the table of DailyMetrics hold a list of different types of metrics, or does it hold a score for a given metric for a given article? Where does :views come into it? –  Max Williams Feb 26 at 16:26
I added more information. should clarify the intent –  Killerpixler Feb 26 at 17:35

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