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so after spending a lot of time in figuring out site root i have decided to ask this question

my site has the following directory structure:

includes     //(contains db and other includes files)
public_html  //(this is the web -appication)

what i want is the path to this dir that contains these two folders and not the path inside these folders.

so inside the includes dir i have a file called initialize.php:

 defined('SITE_ROOT') ? null : define('SITE_ROOT',dirname(__FILE__));

this gives the following output on wamp:


on the server i get:


what i want is this:


i want to remove the \includes folder which is being listed at the end so i can use the path to access the public_html folder and use it on other paths as well

how can i do that?

please also mention it this way the "correct" way of getting the site root. if not mention the correct way to do so.

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Maybe you looking for something like:

define('serverpath', $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']. '/');
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