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I recently installed Cygwin and some of the packages that come with it so I could run my scripts which I created in a Linux environment. Now I am trying some commands which I use in the Linux environment like the iostat, free and ifconfig but they won't work. So my questions are:

Why won't some commands work? Where should my scripts reside? And should they have an extension of .bat or should I let them keep their extension .sh?

Thanks guys! I really hope you could help me with this one.

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Most likely ifconfig is not in your path. Are you logged in root? –  KRUKUSA Feb 26 at 16:46
Yes, I am. I guess some commands will not really work on Cygwin. Thanks though. –  endlesslearning Feb 26 at 16:56

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Cygwin doesn't have all the same commands as regular Linux. It's about as good an approximation as you're going to get on Windows though. To get better replication I had to make tons of aliases and functions just to get it to my liking, but even that still falls short.

As far as the shell scripts, I would leave the original extension. And open it with Cygwin but like I mentioned before, since not all commands are supported, your script might not be supported either.

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I tried running the scripts, I placed it in my bin folder but some lines really wouldn't work. Thanks for answering. –  endlesslearning Feb 26 at 16:57

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