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Is it possible to run a web application using Tomcat Server in Intellij Idea Community Edition?

I tried to find some information about it but haven't achived any success.

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If you are using maven, you can use this command mvn tomcat:run, but first you add in your pom.xml this structure into build tag, just like this:

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I don't see "Application Server" option at File->Settings in IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 version. How can that be made enabled. –  Bhavesh Oct 11 '14 at 7:04

Yes, you can use maven plugin, or simple java program. No need for IDE plugin. See for example Main class from

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For Intellij 14.0.0 the Application server option is available under View > Tools window > Application Server (But if it is enable, i mean if you have any plugin installed)

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What server plugins can we install in the ce version? –  xi.lin Jan 7 at 4:54… I dont think that appservers are enabled in CE version –  lili Sep 8 at 13:30

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