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I am seeing this logcat line when I run my app.

/dalvikvm(20160): 20160(com.test) stat: (e)  315  4699KB / (c)    0     0KB / (a)    1  5355KB / (h)  2836KB  6884KB  4047KB

My application runs ok, dont see any issue, but this red line in logcat worries me. stat(e) looks like some kind of error statistics. I am just guessing. I did some googling, but could not find anything

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Don't worry man, everything's OK. –  Alessandro Roaro Feb 26 at 17:19

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There is nothing to worry about, it just simple Dalvik VM waste. Anyway as a usual developer you couldn't make any affect on it.

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Thanks for the information. –  Sri Feb 27 at 15:39

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