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I took over an Intranet site that has ~20K documents that have been linked at one time or another over 7 years. Roughly, 2.8K of the documents are linked. Is there a way or tool to create a list of documents within a series of folders that are NOT linked so I can delete?

I know this isn't a "programming" question directly but I'm betting I'm not the only web programmer that faces this dilemma.

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I think you might get what you want using following steps:

  1. Create list of your files on disk using OS commands like dir or ls
  2. Build list of linked documents using Xenu Link Sleuth or a similar tool.
  3. Find all entries in the first list that are not present in the second list.
  4. Remove files that correspond to entries found on step 3
  5. Run Xenu Link Sleuth again to make sure you didn't remove anything useful.
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