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I'm trying to renew my expired access token like the documentation:


I'm trying to make GET requests like this:

First GET (used to get code):


The return of this request is something like this:


After this, I have to make the final request to get my access token:


And LinkedIn is returning this error message:

{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"missing required parameters, includes an invalid parameter value, parameter more then once. : Unable to retrieve access token : appId or redirect uri does not match authorization code or authorization code expired"}

Does anyone know what should I do to fix this? My authorization token can`t be expired because I'm using at the time that I get one.

I am using the correct key and app secret.

Thank you! =)

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20 second seems expiration time between the two. Your domain.com/.. should immediately make a accessToken call and store it in client DB.

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Thanks @Optional... that was the problem =) –  Crasher May 14 at 16:58

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