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I'm developing a pseudo timeline of distance with an tooltip that follows the timeline to a new marker position.

 |--------- 800px ------|------------------- 1200px ----------- |
 A (5000km)             B (20000km)                             C (30000km)

Between marker A (5000km) and marker B is a faux difference of 15000km, but the real distance between the elements on the timeline is 800px. I animate an indicator with a counter that moves along those two points in the span of 12 seconds. The animation is simple, but I can't figure out the counter interval so it starts at 5000 and ends at 20000 during the 12 second timeframe.

Here's what I have, but the counter finishes way behind the animation because I can't solve for the increment value.

var ttl = 12*1000,
    startKM = 5000,
    endKM = 15000,
    diffDist = endKM-startKM,
    txt = $('.counter').text();
    increment = diffDist/ttl;


$('.indicator').animate({ left: $('.markB').offset().left }, ttl, 'linear', function() {

function counterLoop() {

    var num = txt++;
    // what is the count interval 
    // var num = txt + increment

distanceLoop = setInterval(counterLoop, diffDist/ttl )


I don't know what the increment is so right now its just +1 to the counter. This probably something basic, that I'm just not seeing.

Thanks for the help!


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You could use the step option of the .animate() function, rather than setInterval.

var startKM = 5000,
    endKM = 15000;

var startLeft = $('.indicator').offset().left,
    endLeft = $('.markB').offset().left,
    ratio = (endKM - startKM) / (endLeft - startLeft);

$('.indicator').animate({ left: endLeft }, {
    easing: 'linear',
    duration: 12000,
    step: function(now) {
        $('.counter').text(Math.floor(startKM + ((now - startLeft) * ratio)));
    complete: function() {


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Was cracking my head on this. Bravo :) – Fratyr Feb 26 '14 at 18:33
Nicely done, John! I did not know about the step callback and this works much better as I know setInterval is not 100% accurate. In one version I had the ratio you did, but I should have stuck with it. Cheers! – hybrid9 Feb 26 '14 at 18:36

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