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On Windows 7, I install pip with easy_install and want to install a lower version of pip. I want to remove the old version, but have no idea how to completely remove the pip installed by easy_install (or if there is a way to do it without going through easy_install, that is fine). How do I do this?

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what is your operating system? –  philshem Feb 26 at 19:48
Added to original post. –  Rolando Feb 26 at 20:21
Ironically, pip is intended to replace easy_install to a large extent to enable consistent package update and uninstall... –  IfLoop Feb 26 at 22:04

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There is no completely automatic uninstall but you can do it in two steps:

easy_install -m pip

This should remove pip from easy-install.pth and print the full path to where pip is installed. Now just manually remove the path that the previous command printed. Or you could just manually edit easy-install.pth and remove the pip sources if you know where they are located.

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What files should I delete? Where would all the easy_install pip files be located? Is it really just the pip-1.5.4-py2.7.egg file referenced in it? –  Rolando Feb 26 at 22:53
Just the .egg file or folder. –  Heikki Toivonen Feb 26 at 23:06
Actually I realized that if the package that was installed includes user scripts, like I believe pip does, then those would still be left behind by the above. In case of pip there is probably a file called pip in the same location where easy_install is. This doesn't really matter if you install another version of pip because the other version's install will overwrite the scripts anyway. –  Heikki Toivonen Feb 26 at 23:28

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