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I have a function that sends files via psftp. After it sends off the data, I get the following output I get in the terminal:

Sent EOF Message
Server send command exit status 0
Disconnected: All channels closed

I need to take only the line that reads "Server send command exit status 0" echoed into a file. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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If you know the pattern, could you just make a small program in C++, say that reads 3 lines and only outputs the center line? then feed the output from your original program using | operator on the command line –  kschieck Feb 26 at 20:05
I'm a Linux/Bash guy. Not a Windows guy... What I would kill for grep command here... –  NerdyBird Feb 26 at 20:07
Use findstr then. –  David Candy Feb 26 at 20:09
Doesn't findstr require a filename? I need to capture a specific element from stdout –  NerdyBird Feb 26 at 20:23

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yourcommand | findstr /L /c:"Server send command exit status" >yourdestinationfilename

Use >> in place of > to append rather than create anew, if desired.

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