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We have an application that logs statistics from time to time in a MongoDB collection. Long story short: the server might not be available sometimes during the application start up (during Sprint Context init). If this is the case, we'd like to customize the startup behavior in a way such that the application can start anyway, and MongoDB write operations are silently ignored (NOPs).

As Spring Data + MongoDB adds several abstraction layers, I can thing of several ways to attempt this.

One options would be to use the @Conditional annotation and mix Java Configuration with XML (and migrate to Spring4), thus defining the MongoDB beans only if the condition (e.i. "can we connect to mongo?") is met, otherwise disable sprig-data altogether and provide a dummy implementation for the Repo interface. However, this requires Spring 4 (we are using 3 and out code cannot automatically migrate to 4).

In Spring 3 we have Spring profiles, but I'm not sure what kind of dynamic startup code can we inject in the mail appContext.xml file to enable the mongo profiles only if the host is present.

What would you recommend to do this as cleanly as possible?

Note: we are using the following SpringData/Mongo configuration:

    base-package="org.company" />
<mongo:mongo host="${mongodb.host}" port="${mongodb.port}"
    <mongo:options connections-per-host="32"
        connect-timeout="5000" max-wait-time="1500" auto-connect-retry="true"
        socket-keep-alive="true" socket-timeout="1500" slave-ok="true"
        write-number="1" write-timeout="0" write-fsync="true" />

<mongo:db-factory dbname="${mongodb.database}"
    mongo-ref="mongodb" username="${mongodb.username}" password="${mongodb.pwd}"
    id="mongoDbFactory" />

<bean id="mongoTypeMapper"
    <constructor-arg name="typeKey">
        <null />

<bean id="mongoMappingContext"
    class="org.springframework.data.mongodb.core.mapping.MongoMappingContext" />

<bean id="mongoConverter"
    <constructor-arg name="mongoDbFactory" ref="mongoDbFactory" />
    <constructor-arg name="mappingContext" ref="mongoMappingContext" />
    <property name="typeMapper" ref="mongoTypeMapper"></property>

<bean id="mongoTemplate" class="org.springframework.data.mongodb.core.MongoTemplate">
    <constructor-arg name="mongoDbFactory" ref="mongoDbFactory" />
    <constructor-arg name="mongoConverter" ref="mongoConverter" />
    <property name="writeResultChecking" value="EXCEPTION" />
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