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I've got babel installed, contexts setup and generally followed the setup tutorials over here: http://www.multilingual-modx.com/blog/2011/multilingual-websites-with-modx-and-babel.html & setup one additional language for a French context

But I have a small problem,

  1. the two buttons that appear at the top of a resource I am editing say "English(web)", "English(sp)" & "English(fr)"

    • What causes that?
    • How do I get the FR button to say "French"
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Button names are taken from Babel lexicon. Take a look at System->Lexicon Management and select Babel namespace. You should see many babel.language_XX entries which are actual button names. Double check if you have correct/different culture_key in each context settings. –  dafyk Mar 14 at 14:21
have you set the cultureKey setting for each context? –  Thomas Venturini Mar 21 at 16:01

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