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I'm using an htaccess rewrite that looks like this:

RewriteRule ^library/.*(\.pdf)$ email/$1 [L,R=301]

The problem is, the redirect works but does not contain the filename of the file being redirected:


Is there something wrong with the way I'm setting up the rewrite rule?

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RewriteRule ^library/(.*)\.pdf$ email/$1 [L,R=301]

if you want just the name, otherwise

RewriteRule ^library/(.*)\.pdf$ email/$1.pdf [L,R=301]

for the full name

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you edited your answer before I could finish typing my response requesting the edit. Thanks! –  Pete Sorensen Feb 26 at 20:48
Uh, "Great minds think alike"? :) –  Phil Perry Feb 26 at 20:50
@PeteSorensen: If it worked you should accept the answer. –  anubhava Feb 26 at 21:20

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