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In Ruby 1.8.7 I can do the following in order to get the subject of a binding object:


However, in Ruby 1.8.6, the eval method is private, so I expose it like this:

class Binding
  public :eval

Which seems to work fine, however, binding.eval("self") returns the binding itself, not the subject of binding.

How can I get the subject of a binding in Ruby 1.8.6? The solution doesn't need to pretty - it just needs to work until we can upgrade to 1.8.7.

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I'll bet at least a nickel eval('self', abinding) will work:


class Foo

  def foo


p eval('self', Foo.new.foo)    # => #<Foo:0xb7bfe5ac>

This works because if you pass a binding to eval, it evaluates the string in the context of that binding. self in the context of the binding is whatever self was when the binding was created.

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Thanks Wayne. That worked! I'm not sure why though.. Also, it's 1.8.6, not 1.6. –  Joel Feb 5 '10 at 9:21
@Joel, What can I say? Blast my eyes! I added an explanation. Thanks for the check-mark! –  Wayne Conrad Feb 5 '10 at 12:23

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