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I have a case where I would like to list all blobs in windows azure blob storage in a browser application where I dont want the user to submit their storage account credentials to the webserver. Wonder if its possible to use nodejs libraries for windows azure in the browser or I need to implement my own little javascript lib for doing the stuff I need in the browser.

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I think you can take a look at Node.js SDK. It's for Node.js but I think could be used for browser with some code changes.


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Was considering that. If thats they only case I properly will go with WAAD and oauth for signing in and use a service to do the operations. –  pksorensen Feb 27 '14 at 9:30

If I understand correctly, one simple solution could be to create a Shared Access Signature on the blob container with List permission and then doing a List Blobs REST API call through AJAX. This will return you the list of blobs in XML format which you can parse and present it in the browser.

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The user dont know anything about user other then he has a subscription so creating a shared access signature would mean he had to give the credentials to the server to get the shared access signature? But I am properly going this way anyway and just use WAAD to get him to sign in and do a web service to get the information as it is alot easier to do all this is c# :) –  pksorensen Feb 27 '14 at 9:30

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