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I am working with a php page with multiple forms. I enter information into the first form and click submit. Then it takes me to the second form where I check "I agree" and hit submit. Both of these forms are on the same php page however.

I can get both curl and wget to act on the first form but not the second. I tried saving the cookie and loading it but neither seems to work. Here is my code for both:

curl -k --cookie-jar cookie.txt -d "login=$user&pass=$pass" https://member.testurl.com/login.php
curl -k --cookie cookie.txt -d "i_agree=1&do_agreement=1&data=$data" https://member.testurl.com/login.php

wget --save-cookies testcookie.txt --keep-session-cookies --post-data "login=$user&pass=$pass" https://member.testurl.com/login.php
wget --load-cookies testcookie.txt --post-data "i_agree=1&do_agreement=1&data=$data" https://member.testurl.com/login.php

As I said, the cookie from the first form appears to save as there is data in the cookie file but I am unable to get to the second form. The second part of either command seems to try and post to the first form again instead of the second. Is the cookie not loading? Something peculiar with the page?

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based on the text i don't understand the usage of wget or curl – Dagon Feb 26 '14 at 22:06
The commands for curl and wget do the same thing. The first command posts login data to member.testurl.com/login.php and saves the cookies for the second command to use. The second command is supposed to load those cookies and post to the second form on member.testurl.com/login.php, which is an "I agree" page. However, based on the output I received, the second command instead goes but to the first form on the page. I cannot got either wget or curl to post to the second form on the page. – Bobbin Threadbare Feb 26 '14 at 22:31
ah , you are trying to log in to a remote site? – Dagon Feb 26 '14 at 22:44
yes, it is a remote website. i am trying to automate some common maintenance tasks. – Bobbin Threadbare Feb 27 '14 at 16:12
anyone got any ideas? still stumped on this. – Bobbin Threadbare Mar 4 '14 at 19:59

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