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This one work:

arr[0]="XX1 1"
arr[1]="XX2 2" 
arr[2]="XX3 3"
arr[3]="XX4 4"
arr[4]="XX5 5"
arr[5]="XX1 1"
arr[6]="XX7 7"
arr[7]="XX8 8"

duplicate() { printf '%s\n' "${arr[@]}" | sort -cu |& awk -F: '{ print $5 }'; }


echo "array: ${arr[@]}"

# echo "duplicate: $duplicate_match"

[[ ! $duplicate_match ]] || { echo "Found duplicate:$duplicate_match"; exit 0; }

echo "no duplicate"

with same code, this one doesn't work, why ?


note: i'm starting bash since not a long time

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Your code doesn't actually work, because sort -cu fails when the input is not already sorted; the duplicate it finds in the first data set just happens to be the first item that occurs out of sorted order. –  chepner Feb 26 at 23:02
the pipe-ampersand combination is only valid in c-shell, not in bash –  thom Feb 26 at 23:04
@chepner Thanks, i will search for how to sort my array in the right place. –  user3353499 Feb 26 at 23:13
@thom |& was added to bash as well in version 4. –  chepner Feb 27 at 0:39
@chepner thanks, I stand corrected. pipe-ampersand is indeed valid. –  thom Feb 27 at 0:59

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To check duplicates this code is much simpler and works in both cases:

uniqueNum=$(printf '%s\n' "${arr[@]}"|awk '!($0 in seen){seen[$0];c++} END {print c}')

(( uniqueNum != ${#arr[@]} )) && echo "Found duplicates"

EDIT: To print duplicates use this awk:

printf '%s\n' "${arr[@]}"|awk '!($0 in seen){seen[$0];next} 1'

Awk command stores in an array seen if a line isn't already part of seen array and next move to the next line. 1 in the end prints only those lines that are duplicates.

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Thanks Anubhava, i need to study your code to fully understand it, how can i return the duplicate element in echo with it please? Also anyone can correct my code please? i'm on this since two hour and finishing using another code without understanding mine is frustrating :( –  user3353499 Feb 26 at 23:11
See chepner's answer below why your code failed if you want to understand it. –  anubhava Feb 26 at 23:12
I have also added some explanation to my answer. –  anubhava Feb 26 at 23:15
many thanks for help all –  user3353499 Feb 26 at 23:16
You're welcome, glad it worked out. –  anubhava Feb 26 at 23:18

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