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Basically I am testing the NTILE function to divide the total word count of wikipedia table into 100 buckets. I am getting the "response too large error" using the web console. So I tried the bq CLI tool with both --destination_table and --allow_large_results options with no luck.

Here is the query:

SELECT id, num_characters, NTILE(100) OVER (ORDER BY num_characters) percentile
FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia]

How can I retrieve the results correctly?

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BigQuery's secret for astonishing performance: Distributing the workload. Whenever you issue a query, a big number of computers start reading all the data in parallel, processing it, and passing it to other computers in the chain.

However, there are operations that are very hard to parallelize - typically functions that run after everything else has been done. Those operations are not being distributed, but constrained to all the data that will fit in one computer. ORDER BY and OVER() are some of these functions - as eventually a single machine needs to sort the whole result set out.

The good news is we have alternatives. QUANTILES is able to go through all the data, while computing approximate results:

SELECT QUANTILES(num_characters, 100)
FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia]

Query complete (1.7s elapsed, 2.34 GB processed)

Or running the same OVER (ORDER BY) than in the original question, but over a sample of the data:

SELECT id, num_characters, NTILE(100) OVER (ORDER BY num_characters) percentile 
FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia]
WHERE id % 10 = 0;

Query complete (258.7s elapsed, 4.68 GB processed)

You'll see that both produce similar results (one by approximation, the other one by sampling) - but one is much faster.

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Thanks @Fh for the answer. Ultimately I am trying to find all the IDs of the wikipedia articles with char count in 75, 80 and 85 percentiles. QUANTILES function returns me the quantile limits, how can I retrieve the IDs? – DaHoopster Feb 27 '14 at 5:31
give me a new question so I can paste a lengthy answer :) – Felipe Hoffa Feb 27 '14 at 6:05
Thanks @Fh, here is the question:… – DaHoopster Feb 27 '14 at 6:10

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