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I need to generate normally-distributed pseudo-random numbers in a GLSL version 120 fragment shader.

They don't even have to be particularly good pseudo-random numbers. But they do need to be normally distributed.

I think I know where to look if I want to write my own random number generator, but I wanted to see if such a thing had already been invented. I'd also be grateful for any links to uniformly distributed random number generators in GLSL 120.

As a note, I've already seen the random noise generation question for GLSL. Unfortunately, it looks like simplex and Perlin noise has some kind of multimodal distribution. I suppose I could just use the mod function, but I wondered if there was a more appropriate method.

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If others are curious, there are some noise functions included in GLSL 120, such as noise1 and noise2. I haven't had a chance to verify that they're normally distributed, though. –  Dr. Johnny Mohawk Mar 6 '14 at 20:35

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