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I have the following layout with a parent div that changes in size based on whether the 'displayEditForm' boolean value. I need the child div with class="edus-admin-manage-grid span12" to adjust when the parent div is re-sized.

<div ng-class="{'span7' : displayEditForm == false, 'span12': displayEditForm == true}" >
  <ul class="nav nav-tabs" style="margin-bottom: 5px;">
     <li class="active">  ....  list item  .....</li>
  <div class="edus-admin-manage-grid span12" style="margin-left:0;"ng-grid="gridOptions">
<div class="span5" ng-show="displayEditForm">
<div class="edus-activity-container">
     .... form goes here ....

Also, I'm not sure why the expression associated with the parent div shouldn't be reversed. I expected that it should have been:

ng-class="{'span12' : displayEditForm == false, 'span7': displayEditForm == true}

Where the class of the parent div would be span12 if displayEditForm == false. However, this doesn't seem to work. Instead I have what was first mentioned above:

ng-class="{'span7' : displayEditForm == false, 'span12': displayEditForm == true}

This seems to resize the parent div as expected, but doesn't make sense unless I am reading the conditional statement incorrectly...

What am I missing?

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