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Running RabbitMQ - rabbitmq-3.2.3_2 with pecl-amqp - 1.3.0 php55-5.5.9 on FreeBSD 9.2 amd64

all seems to work fine. But while querring we got such error from amqp

[AMQPConnectionException] Library error: a socket error occurred - Potential login failure.

Tried almost everything - downgrading AMQP to 1.0.9, deleting and adding user to RabbitMQ but still nothing, changing permissions. Anyone got same error? Or Any solutions?

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pecl.php.net/package/amqp - 1.3.0 beta 2013-11-25 - i dont think its old, and in FreeBSD ports 1.0.9 is up to date, and 1.2.0 is stable... –  Raniel-Atero Feb 27 at 0:33
[AMQPChannelException] Library error: a socket error occurred - the same –  Raniel-Atero Feb 27 at 0:39
Yeah, 1.3 is fresh enough. And what about librabbitmq version? –  zaq178miami Feb 27 at 1:34
rabbitmq-c-0.0.1_1 librabbitmq.so.3, also compiled rabbitmq-c-0.5.0 - not working( –  Raniel-Atero Feb 27 at 1:46
Hmm, I had experience with FreeBSD and it works like a charm with amqp and rabbit. I even has no clue why it happens. You can try raw consumers from librabbitmq bundle. Maybe you have to experiment with Centos or Ubuntu? In addition, which php version do you use. –  zaq178miami Feb 27 at 9:37

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I found this error today when creating a new user. The problem was that the password had special characters. I just changed the password by removing the special characters and could log in normally.

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