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I'm trying to create dynamically generated tooltip/popover content for a site using bootstrap (3.1), flask and python.

I have hyper-linked items in a table. When I mouse over those hyperlinks, I want a tooltip to appear; when the user clicks on the hyperlink I want them to go to the individual item page. Code (shortened for brevity):

      <td>{% include 'itemlink.html' %}</td>

then in itemlink.html:

 <a href="{{linkitem.get_url()}}" class="itemlink" data-item-id="{{linkitem.id}}">
   <img src="{{linkitem.image}}" alt="Item {{linkitem.id}}" class="smallicon" />

Next: the content of what I want to be in the popover/tooltip box:

<div id="item_{{boxitem.id}}" class="itembox">
    <div class="itemimage">
      <img src="{{boxitem.image}}" alt="{{boxitem.name}}" title="{{boxitem.get_title()}}" />
   <div class="iteminfo">
     <div class="itemtitle">
     <div class="itemdesc">
        {% autoescape off %}{{boxitem.get_desc()}}{% endautoescape %}

I put this in a script on my page:

     html: true,
     placement: 'right',
     trigger: 'hover',
     selector: '[rel="popover"]'

I'm wondering if this part of the script is even possible?


EDIT TO ADD: (it's not, it threw a server error)
EDIT again: It had to be


On what element should I add the rel=popover?

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What server error did it throw? Can you show the flask server trace? –  Joan Smith Feb 27 '14 at 0:53

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I would give each item a static class like tool tip or give the table an id and use jQuery selector on the element in the table for the hover event. $(document).ready(function(){ $('td.tooltip').popover({ html: true, placement: 'right', trigger: 'hover', selector: '[rel="popover"]' }); });

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I tried this one- but then when I hover over any single element, it shows all of the popup boxes. I think it's on the right track though. ^_^ –  Melanie Sumner Feb 28 '14 at 1:08

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