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clojure's pre-expr seems cool, but does it possible if I want to raise an Exception when the :pre is false?


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You can use Dire instead

(ns mytask
  (:require [dire.core :refer [with-precondition! with-handler!]]))

(defn add-one [n]
  (inc n))

(with-precondition! #'add-one
  "An optional docstring."
  ;;; Name of the precondition
  (fn [n & args]
    (not= n 2)))

(with-handler! #'add-one
  {:precondition :not-two}
  (fn [e & args] (apply str "Precondition failure for argument list: " (vector args))))

(add-one 2) ; => "Precondition failure for argument list: (2)"
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Preconditions are conditions that must be true or else an exception is thrown. If you have a condition where you want an exception to be thrown when false, just complement the conditional or not the result.

user=> (defn magic? [n] (= 0 (rem n 42)))

user=> (defn foo [n] {:pre [(magic? n)]} n)
user=> (foo 42)

user=> (defn bar [n] {:pre [(not (magic? n))]} n)

user=> (bar 42)
AssertionError Assert failed: (not (magic? n))  user/bar 

user=> (defn baz [n] {:pre [((complement magic?) n)]} n)
user=> (baz 42)

AssertionError Assert failed: ((complement magic?) n)  user/baz
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