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My project requires some image transcoding functionality, i.e converting images into various formats. My requirements are:

  • Preferably scalable, for performance reasons.
  • Compatible with Microsoft .NET
  • Can be either paid software, or FOSS.

Can anyone suggest some good libraries they have come across. Thanks!

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I've used LeadTools before now, and it worked fine. It was a little bit fiddly to use, but it definitely got the job done. There are various editions available (all commercial AFAIK). I'm not sure what you mean about being a scalable solution - did you have any specific feature in mind?

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The Windows Imaging Component via WPF is decent, and if you are doing fairly routine transcoding of popular formats, should work well. However, I've noticed some problems when using some of the more esoteric parts of the TIFF image format.

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Most of what you need should be doable inside the .Net framework. Have a look at Graphics.DrawIcon()

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