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I have a list of lists and some of the lists have a list in it:

x = [[[1,2],3],[[3,4],5], [[1,2],3]]

I have tried getting uniqueness to obtain:

x = [[[1,2],3],[[3,4],5]]

But no luck - any ideas?

I have so far used:

unique_data = [list(el) for el in set(tuple(el) for el in x)]

on a list of lists which works, but when adding in an element of a list within the list it fails

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Show us the code you tried. Maybe it contained a bug. –  wheaties Feb 27 '14 at 1:32

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x = [[[1,2],3],[[3,4],5], [[1,2],3]]
print [item for idx, item in enumerate(x) if x.index(item) == idx]
# [[[1, 2], 3], [[3, 4], 5]]

We can do this in O(N) like this

x = [[[1,2],3],[[3,4],5], [[1,2],3]]
x = tuple(tuple(tuple(j) if isinstance(j, list) else j for j in i) for i in x)
from collections import OrderedDict
print [[list(j) if isinstance(j, tuple) else j for j in i] for i in OrderedDict.fromkeys(x).keys()]
# [[[1, 2], 3], [[3, 4], 5]]
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This will do what you want.

x = [[[1,2],3],[[3,4],5], [[1,2],3]]
p = {hash(str(item)): item for item in x}
uniques = [ val for val in p.values()]
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It would be better like this p = {str(item): item for item in x}, because if there is a hash collision, we might lose valid data. –  thefourtheye Feb 27 '14 at 5:49
x = [[[1,2],3],[[3,4],5], [[1,2],3]]
z = []
for i in x:
    if i not in z:

print z
[[[1, 2], 3], [[3, 4], 5]]

Is this what u r looking for??

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