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I need to run a command on command prompt as an Administrator. When I usually use the system() command to send a command to run in the command prompt, I do not have Administrator level elevation.

How can I obtain Admin level privileges to run my instructions?

I am able to right click on cmd.exe and select 'Run as Administrator' to open command prompt manually in Admin mode.



I am trying to install 7-Zip if 7-Zip is not installed. (You will need 'wget' command installed (*from Cygwin or GnuWin32) to run the snip below)

use Cwd;
use File::Spec;
my $cwd = getcwd();
my $winpath = File::Spec->catdir($cwd);

if (!(-e "C:\\Program Files\\7-Zip")){
    print "\n 7-Zip is not installed. Downloading ... \n";
    system("wget");   # SourceForge Mirror
    print "\n Installing.. \n\n";
    #print "\n Press \"install\" to install the 7-Zip installer on your pC\n\n";
    if(-e $winpath."\\7z920.exe"){
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That way of checking for 7-Zip is a little brittle - what if it was installed somewhere else? A more robust way is to search for it in PATH. – Dan Dascalescu Feb 27 '14 at 2:00
Even more robustly, if you want zipping functionality, there are libraries like Archive::Zip - see – Dan Dascalescu Feb 27 '14 at 2:01

If you are able to run cmd as Administrator, then you can run your Perl script from that instance of cmd, and it will inherit the Administrator privilege.

You can test by, for instance, creating a directory under c:\windows:

use strict;

if (mkdir 'c:/windows/perltest/') {
    print "We have admin permissions";
    rmdir 'c:/windows/perltest/'
} else {
    print "No admin permission"

If you are run without admin privileges and want to elevate them, check How to elevate Perl process using UAC.

Side note: you may be able to skip downloading 7-Zip. Perl has many libraries that can handle zipping and unzipping.

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I found a neat little utility called elevate.exe.

its pretty awesome. I am now able to send/execute commands with admin privileges.

Thanks anyway.

(please be very careful when you use this, it can be used to harm machines, and may break your system. )

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