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I am using phplist-2.10.10 ,

Installation and everyting is ok. I tested both in test mode and test=0 mode.

Always i get - "Mail sending failed",Even i added four lists more than 10 members,two templates.

I think the problem is with "SMTP authentication"

What should i edit in "SMTP host and user,password" - in conifg.

My server is lunar pages server and they gave only smtp hostname(I didnt get username or passsword).

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I find the solution.

The problem is we need to give smtp authentication(username and password)

So in class.phplistmail.php

Remove these conditions

   if (!$this->Host || $ip == $this->Host) {
        $this->Mailer = "mail";
#        logEvent('Sending via mail');
      } else {
        $this->Mailer = "smtp";
#        logEvent('Sending via smtp');

$this->Mailer = "mail"; and just add

So it will always send mail rather than checking smtp.

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