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I have two dataframes, and plotting the first one as a facetted grid of pie charts works fine:

pie_grid <- ggplot(my_dat, aes(x = factor(""), y = value, fill = variable)) + 
   geom_bar(stat = "identity") +       # bar plot
   facet_grid(Cation ~ Anion) +        # grid
   coord_polar(theta = "y") +          # pie chart by converting to polar coord
   scale_x_discrete("") +              # no x-axis label

Just one dataframe without labels

Where my_dat$variable is a column of factors and decides the colour, the grid has Cation as the rows and Anion as the columns. This graph has a legend that The problem begins when I try to add in text labels using geom_text. I want these numbers in the centre,

pie_grid <- pie_grid + geom_text( aes(x = 0, y = 0, size = 4,
               label = formatC(round(value, digits =2), format = 'f', digits = 2)), 
               data = tot.E.dat,
               show_guide = FALSE,
               hjust = 0, vjust = 1)

The data comes from another dataframe called tot.E.dat, and basically I want a number in the centre of each facet. The result looks like this: Added the label data frame

As you can see, it does what I want, but there is a slight hiccup. I don't mind that the pies have become donuts, but I do mind that the legend now has a "Total_EFP_Energy", and that doesn't match in colour with the text. How can I get the colour of the numbers to match the legend? If not, how can I get rid of that entry in the legend?

Thank you.

Here is some data (I don't think you want all the rows). The first one is my_dat

   Cation  Anion        variable        value
1     im    bf4    Electrostatic -388.8225640
2     im     br    Electrostatic -440.0319478
3     im     cl    Electrostatic -462.6507643
4     im    dca    Electrostatic -387.0396472
5     im    mes    Electrostatic -434.2880350
17    im    bf4        Repulsion   79.0755418
18    im     br        Repulsion  180.1054541
19    im     cl        Repulsion  181.7249981
20    im    dca        Repulsion  105.0390379
21    im    mes        Repulsion  112.6103998
74   pyr     br  Charge_Transfer    0.5827333
75   pyr     cl  Charge_Transfer    0.3390909
76   pyr    dca  Charge_Transfer   -0.9314203
77   pyr    mes  Charge_Transfer   -2.2744731
78   pyr   ntf2  Charge_Transfer   -1.0463488
79   pyr    pf6  Charge_Transfer   -1.6858646
80   pyr    tos  Charge_Transfer   -2.0899762

And also tot.E.dat:

   Cation  Anion         variable     value
1     im    bf4  Total_EFP_Energy -405.5935
2     im     br  Total_EFP_Energy -382.3632
3     im     cl  Total_EFP_Energy -407.9164
4     im    dca  Total_EFP_Energy -399.4065
5     im    mes  Total_EFP_Energy -463.8081
6     im   ntf2  Total_EFP_Energy -380.7301
7     im    pf6  Total_EFP_Energy -376.5059
8     im    tos  Total_EFP_Energy -498.7680
9    pyr    bf4  Total_EFP_Energy -375.3014
10   pyr     br  Total_EFP_Energy -373.2262
11   pyr     cl  Total_EFP_Energy -404.0563
12   pyr    dca  Total_EFP_Energy -366.3844
13   pyr    mes  Total_EFP_Energy -428.7498
14   pyr   ntf2  Total_EFP_Energy -341.2173
15   pyr    pf6  Total_EFP_Energy -353.0248
16   pyr    tos  Total_EFP_Energy -419.7708
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Can you provide a reproducible example (eg - some data!). –  mnel Feb 27 at 2:11
I think this is because of variable being common between the data - try changing it to something else in tot.E.dat. –  alexwhan Feb 27 at 2:27
Hmm...I think you're on the right track. I did names(tot.E.dat) <- c("Cation", "Anion", "Energy", "value") and then it complained about not being able to find variable. –  Samuel Tan Feb 27 at 2:42

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This is too long to post as a legible comment.

Can you try something like this -

ggplot() + 
geom_bar(my_dat, aes(x = factor(""), y = value, fill = variable), stat = "identity") +
geom_text( aes(x = 0, y = 0, size = 4,
               label = formatC(round(value, digits =2), format = 'f', digits = 2)), 
               data = tot.E.dat,
               show_guide = FALSE,
               hjust = 0, vjust = 1)

The idea being that instead of specifying the aesthetics in the ggplot call, which then applies to the whole cart, I am now specifying it in the geom, so it should apply only to that geom. The fill = variable part should not apply to the geom_text and shouldn't show up on the legend now.

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That did the trick! I can live without the Total Energy appearing in the legend, I'll just have to remember to explain what that number means somewhere else. Thanks! Small comment, it should be geom_bar(data = my_dat, aes(.... –  Samuel Tan Feb 27 at 3:04
A nicer solution, in my opinion, would be to rename tot.E.dat$variable to something else, merge these two datasets on c('cation','anion'), and then ggplot over just the one dataset. That should fix the positioning too and your problem of the legend. –  Codoremifa Feb 27 at 3:21
that's a good idea, I'll try that later. –  Samuel Tan Feb 27 at 3:23

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