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I am writing a directive that represents a table that gets populated with dynamic data. The dynamic data includes dynamic number of columns as well..

Here is my plunker: http://plnkr.co/edit/pmCjQL39BWWowIAgj9hP?p=preview

My directive code looks like this:

app.directive("myTable", function() {
  return {
  restrict: "E",
  replace: true,
  scope: true,
  controller: function($scope, $element, $attrs, $http) {

  // Get Table Data
  $http.get('my-table.json').success(function(data) {
    $scope.tableData = data;

    $scope.tblKeys = [];

    for (key in $scope.tableHeader) {
      if ($scope.tableHeader.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
        $scope.tblKeys.push({key: key});

  templateUrl: "template.html",
  compile: function(element, attrs) {

  return function(scope, element, attrs) {

    scope.css = attrs.css;
    attrdata = attrs.values;

    //attrdata = "{'id':'ID Col', 'name':'Name Col', 'price':'Price Col', 'qty':'Quantity'}";

    convertdata = attrdata.replace(/'/g, '"');
    json = JSON.parse(convertdata);

    scope.tableHeader = json;

  }; // return

  } // compile

And this is the directive template

<table class="{{css}}" width="80%">

    <th ng-repeat="title in tableHeader">

<tr ng-repeat="items in tableData">

    // >>>>>>>> THIS IS WHERE I NEED HELP  <<<<<<<<

    <td> {{ items.id }}</td>
    <td> {{ items.name }}</td>
    <td> {{ items.price }}</td>
    <td> {{ items.qty }}</td>

    <td> {{ items.qty*items.price }}</td>

    <td colspan="2">Total</td>



My directive is supposed to be able to set the columns data dynamically. I have been able to get the keys of values from the table object that the directive receives as an argument but I am unable to dynamically populate the table data from the tabeData objects using dynamic keys stored into scope.tblKeys

In my template these 4 lines where I would like to avoid using id,name,price and qty and instead get that data somehow from scope.tblKeys

    <td> {{ items.id }}</td>
    <td> {{ items.name }}</td>
    <td> {{ items.price }}</td>
    <td> {{ items.qty }}</td>

Something to the tune of

<tr ng-repeat="items in tableData">

    <td ng-repeat="key in tblKeys">  {{ items.key }}</td>

    <td> {{ items.qty*items.price }}</td>

I am not sure how to make this happen {{ items.key }} and I am writing this part to illustrate what I need

<td ng-repeat="key in tblKeys">  {{ items.key }}</td>

I suppose I could use angular $parse but I am not sure how to approach this.

I would really appreciate some help.

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The problem is that what you're storing as key has this structure: {"key":"id"}, so when you do {{ items.key }}, there's no property called key on this items object.

You want {{ items[key.key] }} if you intend to display the value of items.id.

updated plunker

edit: or you could probably get away with pushing only the string onto scope.tblKeys:


And accessing it in your directive with:

{{ items[key] }}
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Thank you!!! I had a long day and I thought I was going nuts! Solved :) –  GRowing Feb 27 at 4:10
No problem. It's a really cool idea. A few years ago, I had to create a dynamically-generated table on the server side using C# and Linq-to-sql. It was a lot more code than what you have. ;) –  Jim Schubert Feb 27 at 4:12
In fact, I'm going to link your implementation to a guy I worked with on that project. Thanks. –  Jim Schubert Feb 27 at 4:14
You are welcome :) And thanks again! Don't you just love ng,, so little code ::) –  GRowing Feb 27 at 4:16

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