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I try to found out, how to work this code.

public class UnPoint 
    public int X, Y;
    public float x, y;
    public float v;

    public static float X_MIN = -1f;
    public static float X_MAX = 1f;
    public static float Y_MIN = 0f;
    public static float Y_MAX = 1f;

    public UnPoint(int XX, int YY, int w, int h) 
        X = XX;
        Y = YY;
        x = (X_MAX-X_MIN) / ( (float)(w-1) ) * ( (float)X ) + X_MIN;
        y = (Y_MAX-Y_MIN)/((float)(h-1))*((float)((h-1) - Y)) + Y_MIN;

What is x, y? I think, that it is some kind of normalization. But I don't find type of this.

I'll be glad to any advice.

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This code is normalizing a value XX from the interval [0 w-1] into the interval [-1 +1] and a value YY from the interval [0 h-1] to the inverse location in the interval [0 1].

E.g. it can normalize screen coordinates from (0,0) in the upper left corner, to (w-1, h-1) in the lower right corner, so the left edge of the screen is X_MIN (-1), the right edge of the screen is X_MAX (+1), the top edge of the screen is Y_MAX (1) and the bottom edge of the screen is Y_MIN (0).

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thanks you for answer. – Jordan Feb 27 '14 at 12:11

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