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In CouchDb admin interface(Futon), i have created a admin account with user name "test" and password as "test" . I have stopped unauthorized users from accessing the security panel or messing with design documents by changing admin roles to ["test"]. In order to control access at a document level, i have used validate_doc_update function which runs every time a document is altered. Design document code is:

_id _design/auth
_rev    1-9e3d355f0220711f892dcc0e92a3f298
language    javascript
validate_doc_update function(newDoc, oldDoc, userCtx) { if (userCtx.roles.indexOf('_admin') !== -1) { return; } else { throw({forbidden: 'Only admins may edit the database'}); } }

I am using org.ektorp-1.2.2.jar and couchdb4j-0.1.2.jar files. I am creating a session to connect to the database. Function used is :

sess = new Session(hostName, Integer.parseInt(port),String username, String password);

try { db = sess.getDatabase(db_name); } 

catch (JSONException e) { } 

When i try to add a document from below java code,neither any exception is generated nor the document is inserted in the database

public boolean addArticle() throws Exception{ Document zcnarticledoc = new Document();




db.saveDocument(zcnarticledoc); //db refers to [private Database db;] Couchdb4j jar file }

How to add the document to CouchDB from java with such security?

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