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I searched the internet far and wide looking for a way to query the WSUS database to view the number of updates that need to be installed on a server. I found a partial answer on the following blog, but this answer will assume if the update is pending approval it is still required by a server (WSUS assumes this in their UI as well).

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I hope this solution is useful for others.

SELECT left(tbComputerTarget.FullDomainName,30) as [Machine Name]
           ,count(tbComputerTarget.FullDomainName) as [# of Missing patches]
           ,tbComputerTarget.LastSyncTime as [Last Sync Time]
FROM tbUpdateStatusPerComputer INNER JOIN tbComputerTarget ON tbUpdateStatusPerComputer.TargetID =          
WHERE (NOT (tbUpdateStatusPerComputer.SummarizationState IN (’1′, ’4′))) AND
            tbUpdateStatusPerComputer.LocalUpdateID IN (SELECT LocalUpdateID FROM dbo.tbUpdate WHERE UpdateID IN        
            (SELECT UpdateID FROM PUBLIC_VIEWS.vUpdateApproval WHERE Action=’Install’))
GROUP BY tbComputerTarget.FullDomainName, tbComputerTarget.LastSyncTime
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i can filter for the update name

       'STATUS' = CASE 
       WHEN UP.SummarizationState = 1 THEN 'NÃO INSTALADO' 
       WHEN UP.SummarizationState = 2 THEN 'NÃO INSTALADO'  
       WHEN UP.SummarizationState = 3 THEN 'INSTALANDO'
       WHEN UP.SummarizationState = 4 THEN 'INSTALADO'
       WHEN UP.SummarizationState = 5 THEN 'FALHOU'

INNER JOIN tbUpdateStatusPerComputer UP ON C.TargetID = UP.TargetID
INNER JOIN tbUpdate U ON UP.LocalUpdateID = U.LocalUpdateID
INNER JOIN [PUBLIC_VIEWS].[vUpdate] VU ON U.UpdateID = VU.UpdateId
WHERE VU.DefaultTitle LIKE 'WINDOWS Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7' 
        OR VU.DefaultTitle LIKE'Update for Microsoft Office 2010%'
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This provides no benefit to the question I posed. I was looking for the number of pending updates per server, not a specific update. It would be best to create a separate question if you want to answer how to filter by update. – vesuvious Mar 5 '15 at 21:34

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