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I need an Regular Expression to match exactly as below


X - is only numeric

Example:- 0876.513.972

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Here you go good sir:

^ is front anchor, \d is numeric, {X} is number of occurrences, \. is dot escape since it's a wild char in regex, and $ is back anchor.

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Thanks Works :) –  user3310021 Feb 27 at 6:12

This captures 4 numbers, a decimal, 3 numbers, decimal, 3 numbers.

You can see it diagrammed at http://www.regexper.com/#%5B0-9%5D%7B4%7D%5C.%5B0-9%5D%7B3%7D%5C.%5B0-9%5D%7B3%7D

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You need front and back anchors, and should probably use \d –  Enjoys Turtles Feb 27 at 6:11
Thanks especially for the link –  user3310021 Feb 27 at 6:13
@Enjoys Turtles Yeah, I didn't see your answer until after I posted mine. I didn't know about the \d, but I'm going to start using it now! –  Morgan Estes Feb 27 at 6:21
No worries :) practice for fun: regex.alf.nu –  Enjoys Turtles Feb 27 at 6:22
Oh, way cool. Thanks for the tip. –  Morgan Estes Feb 27 at 6:24

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