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I have a problem with a webserver that stores data periodically in a node-sqlite3 driven database. I it will work fine a few times and then just fail with

SQLITE_BUSY: database is locked

Sometimes all inserts are not completed to the database even when not failing, leaving only a portion of the inserts in the table.


doInserts() {


function insertData(data) {
var sqlite3 = require("sqlite3").verbose();

//user fs existSync to check if file exists and openSync(file,'w') to create if not

    var stmt = db.prepare("INSERT INTO mytable (col1,col2) values (?,?)");

    for(var i =0;i<data.length;i++)


Taking account I am new to both node and SQLite, I'm guessing that I am using something in the wrong way, causing multiple open threads or processes to lock up the db, but no documentation or research has gotten me any closer to a solution.

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Queries in cycle -- bad idea at all. Use https://github.com/mapbox/node-sqlite3/wiki/API#databaseexecsql-callback instead

SQLITE_BUSY: database is locked

I gives this messages when database already was opened by another program.

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Just chipping in what solved it for me. This was happening whenever I had a data viewer application looking at the database. Once closed, it began working again!

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