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I have a string and I want to split it by keyword "When compared to" and return a dictionary for the two parts

These two parts are returned as a dictionary with "diagnostic" and "comparison" as keys. If no "When compared to" is present in the sentence, the value for "comparison" is assigned "NO COMPARISON MADE"

for example

if the string is "this is When compared to which is"

the Output should be:

diagnostic: this is (the part before "When compared to")

comparison: which is (the part following "When compared to")

if the string is "what a good one"

the Output should be:

diagnostic: what a good one


I write the following code but it does not work

recomp = re.compile("When compared with")

def identifyComparison(report,recomp):
match = recomp.search(report)

for match in recomp.finditer(report):
    dict1['diagnostic']= report[0:recomp]
    dict1['comparison']= report[recomp:]
    return dict1
    dict1['diagnostic']= report[0:recomp]
    dict1['comparison']= 'no comparison made'
    return dict1

Thanks in advance for any help

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you have an answer, if that solves your needs accept it. Otherwise comment on what it does, and what you need? Btw, it does look like exactly what you need here. :) cheers! –  Sabyasachi Feb 27 '14 at 7:12

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>>> my_string= raw_input("Enter a string: ")
Enter a string: this is when compared to which is
>>> result={}
>>> result_list = my_string.split("when compared to")
>>> if(len(result_list)==2):
...     result['dignostic']=result_list[0]
...     result['comparison']=result_list[1]
... else:
...     result['dignostic']=result_list[0]
...     result['comparison']='no comparison made'

>>> result
{'dignostic': 'this is ', 'comparison': ' which is'}
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Thank you! I got it! –  neymar Feb 28 '14 at 2:29
data, keys = "this is When compared to which is", ["diagnostic", "comparison"]
print dict(zip(keys, data.split("When compared to") + ['no comparison made']))
# {'comparison': ' which is', 'diagnostic': 'this is '}
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@John1024 Thanks :) I updated the answer :) –  thefourtheye Feb 27 '14 at 6:58

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