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function my_feeds()
        $query = $this->membership_model->get_my_feeds();
        if($query->num_rows()>0) {



function get_my_feeds()
    $q = $this->db->get('table');
    $config = array (
    'root'    => 'root',
    'element' => 'element',
    'newline' => "\n",
    'tab'     => "\t"
    $xml = $this->dbutil->xml_from_result($q, $config);
    return $xml;

I have a database with 4 columns.ID,url,content,user. in my database i added a feed. The content of feed is stored in content field. I want to retrieve the feed in xml format but is not in totally xml. The only tags are <root><element><content> the rest of tags are seen like string. (channel,item,link,title etc.) What should i do

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